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one more hit
Can not function in society anymore.
There's no escape from the machine all around.
A constant banter as I am reprogrammed.
I am changed and there is no way but down.
I want to leave it but serpent brain keeps me here.
Need to kill it, just to survive.
Give me something to make it bearable.
One more hit to make it through the night.
Don't you know, you'd need it too?
Just too conditioned to ever know.
Don't you know, they laugh at you.
The manipulators of all life...
I'm a volcano, with lava shifting inside
When it finally erupts,
all around me will suffer and fry.
Will nature return to renew again?
Decimated overstated mental collapsed.
Will one learn to be, the essence of being?
or will fires erase again with burning ash?
give me one more hit
one more hit
one more hit
its a lonely trip
its a lonely trip
its a lonely trip
:iconsonofthefieryone:sonofthefieryone 1 0
of a thousand fangs
amidst the glint
of a thousand fangs
lashing toungues
a baptism of ash
this pale exile
feathers blackened with oil
I've been deceived again..
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a funeral farm
Reverbing waves.
In grains of moments measured.
Revealing structures.
You wished you'd forget.
Built before.
You entered this life.
A weather worn shell.
Melded from constant-apathy.
Waiting to die.
Life alive a lie.
Autumn bleeds.
Decaying trees...
Strew from Eden of Atlantis.
A funeral farm, of echo cement woe.
Some kingdom, some putrid hell.
Your're thrown upon its throne
drowned in blackness
with no offering.
Mortally wounded,
grasping the crown.
:iconsonofthefieryone:sonofthefieryone 0 0
ritual of twisted currents
Sheltered spirits filling darkness,
sorcery of androids heartless,
assembled with frightening meaning,
the sounds of an aeon screaming,
programmed satan inject softdrive
ritual of twisted currents
born and summoned jihad anti
bonded to my skin-insurgent
racing blood fills the sparklanes
inside all infection detected
ravaging decease of electronic pain
program incipid online connected
Sheltered spirits filling darkness,
sorcery of androids heartless,
assembled with frightening meaning,
the sounds of an aeon screaming,
programmed evil inject softdrive
ritual of twisted currents
born and summoned jihad anti
binded to my skin-insurgent
racing blood fills the sparklanes
inside all infection detected
ravaging decease of electroic pain
program evil online connected
:iconsonofthefieryone:sonofthefieryone 0 0
empty chalice of consciousness
soul rythes
to the rhythm, paralyzed
there is just darkness here
the empty chalice of consciousness
drowning me
drowning you
:iconsonofthefieryone:sonofthefieryone 0 0
catholic curtains
stared upon melting darkness
slither slither
ruinous sighs of loneliness
under a madness so heavy
It hangs like thick red
catholic curtains
cuts thy heart
like a thousand shards
of virgin mary glass
anxiety insomniac restraints
never ceases
isolation snaps my mind to pieces
to where I think I might be dead.
(to where I think it's in my head)
...and hang from haunting branches of misanthropic height.
blocking out the light
it's alright
can't relate to human kind
let me escape this human mind
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write cave by sonofthefieryone write cave :iconsonofthefieryone:sonofthefieryone 1 0
lathered tentacles in ocean of oil
lathered tentacles in ocean of oil
boiling angels snared on the edge
choking on diesel fuel
like I choke on a constant flow
of combusting anxiety frantic
apathetic panic fanatic attack episode.
a napalm fire eating
organic matter and leaving
hollow bones
that I check for strength.
but are they?
(strong enough?)
:iconsonofthefieryone:sonofthefieryone 3 0
Into Mine
How it flows.
and twists.
The way it speaks.
So naturally.
Soft and wet.
All around.
It wasn't there before.
sacredly marvelous and beautiful,
I have to look at the ground now.
When I walk.
But I can look humans in the eyes.
Until they look in mine.
It's way too much,
:iconsonofthefieryone:sonofthefieryone 0 0
coffee with friends by sonofthefieryone coffee with friends :iconsonofthefieryone:sonofthefieryone 0 0
Hollow Fervor
Empty creature,
Eyes darting to and then,
Sky spinning the days of darkness.
Resembling thin appendages, birthing webs.
With hollow fervor,
Decapitating its quarry.
Deafened with way of the boom,
Of the existential door,
Slamming in the depths of hell.
Unable to return,
:iconsonofthefieryone:sonofthefieryone 0 0
A Spinning Mirror
"Nowhere" a darker fear,
Amid the snap of self exploration,
Watching the lonely moons
Eclipsing my thoughts
Background, a spinning mirror
Such distance so drowning
Between I and the end
Gently, gently.
Feathering down.
Top, unto trench floor.
Shattering at once.
Upon those old steps
from the past.
Trodden so deep.
I lie in their grave.
:iconsonofthefieryone:sonofthefieryone 0 0
candle beasts
candle beasts of mossy depths
drowning in their own dwellings
hollow eyes, black
over crypts of heavy doom
twisting slowly
the cemetary turns, grotesque
fading into the portal
tonight in the foreign star light
hollow eyes
like a failed summoning
sucking in the cold air
amidst a cacophony of wings upon wings
in the rain of feathers, and falling angels
burning india paper
tear streaming mist
:iconsonofthefieryone:sonofthefieryone 0 0
My Demon Sleeps
Walking through the high grass, I made my way to the edge of the green hedged forest. Massive and intimidating, the straight trees seemed to stretch on forever. Gold light playing through them from sunrise... casting abnormal and oblong shadows through its suffocating depths.
The fog rolled and swirled occultly around each step I planted, as I attempted to invade its thick dominion. Though only being fog, it felt like quicksand, slowly impeding and pulling me down.
As I contemplated it's swamping effects I became ominously aware of a bare circle on the forest floor.An unorganic area that this lethargic foe seemed unable to invade. As if against a barrier the gloom created a perfect circle. My destination at last... where my friend,the demon, sleeps.
"Demon friend! I've come to speak to you!" I shouted.
The fog turned to mist, and seemed to flee from the circle in quivering waves, until a grotesque claw ripped up out of the soil. The wretched ally of mine emerged from the earth one appe
:iconsonofthefieryone:sonofthefieryone 1 1
wasting bleats
where upon I stopped still.
and touched a hand to cold water.
running the water through my hair.
feeling its wakefullness frigidly dancing down my face
and dripping off my eyebrows
running down my beard
remembering the frozen vistas,
that I could once see all around.
long forgotten, soothing passions.
of darkness and strange imagination
a pulsing heart under dead flesh.
soul still inside.
they walk.
they see.
(and conclude)
I am just a man.
standing by a river
playing in the water
wasting time
:iconsonofthefieryone:sonofthefieryone 0 0
Independent Marine Larceny Technicians Offended
A Somalian crew of Independent Marine Larceny Technicians sought to file an international lawsuit Thursday against Matanza High School in North Palm Coast, FL. In a scathing open letter, the groups leader Bilian Jewari stated "the use of the word -pirates- is offensive and ignorant to our profession, moreover, Matanza High School's continued tradition of presenting Independent Marine Larceny Technicians as vicious criminals defaces the hard work of thousands of Somali sailors and gun tradesman.
In a media video conference with Bilian and his coworkers, Bilian also stated "It is also very offensive to represent all Independent Marine Larceny Technicians as older white Europeans with long scraggly beards and eye-patches." His other associates fired AK47's wildly in the air in approval.
The United States Law Office could not be reached for comment.
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My name is Keegan. That's my real name, not a writers name. In Gaelic, it means "son of the fiery one". I'm from Ohio and have been writing and dumping my art on DA for over a decade. The resulting mess represents my perception of the human experience over the years. You are welcome to explore it's content, though I'm not even sure what you will find. Maybe in the dense, crowded eternal basement of these thoughts you'll find something that speaks to you as it did to me.


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